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Pelican Town from a Urban Planning Perspective

Any other urban planners/policy folks play this game? I’m an urban planning student who has spent too many quarantine hours playing SDV and at the risk of deeply questioning how I spend my time, I’ve been thinking about it from a planning perspective. Please tell me someone else has thought about this.
Pelican Town (pop. ~35) is a small, rural town within a few hours of the nearest big metropolitan area. The town appears to have had an industrial past, with all the decayed mining infrastructure. Like many rural towns that were once anchored by industry, Pelican Town has struggled to rebuild its post-industrial economy and identity.
The Mayor’s strategy is to look towards tourism, culture, and recreation for the town’s future. He holds an abundance of traditional festivals to preserve the town’s cultural identity and market its quaint, rural character to visitors from neighboring areas. He hopes the farmer’s high-quality local produce and artisan products will contribute to Pelican Town’s renewal. He also thinks the arts could drive the town's revitalization (Leah's art show). The town also has an abundance of natural assets, although I'd worry about point source pollution from the sewer pipe and the quarry is totally a brownfield site.
Encouraging tourism is a sound strategy in Pelican Town, but it’s not a panacea - it won’t necessarily increase the tax base to help the town’s financial problems, and the jobs created will mostly be in the service sector. The neighboring town, Calico Desert, is another post-mining economy that is looking to tourism and has opened a casino.
Economy: [EDIT: I did not do the math here. The unemployment rate is higher. Still not sure if the wizard has a job.] The unemployment rate is only about 3% (this is arguable. does the Wizard have a job?), indicating that the economy is basically at capacity. The jobs are not well-paying, though (the town was chosen for a discount Jojamart, like many rural towns attract dollar stores). Without good jobs for young people and lacking educational opportunities, the town is at risk of losing the younger population to other towns/the city. There’s potential for more small businesses if tourism increases, or for more remote work (though it doesn’t seem like Pelican Town has good internet infrastructure and computer ownership is low.)
Transit: The town also suffers from a lack of transportation. Vehicle ownership is low (just the Mayor and Sebastian’s motorcycle, I think), the town is looking for private investment to restart bus service (should really form a regional transit authority with Calico Desert and get government funding), and though the train with the platform hints that there may have once been commuter rail, it’s currently only used for freight.
Population: Pelican Town’s population, as it stands, will decline. There are only 2 children (Vincent and Jas) but close to 20 residents who are 40+. There are 12 residents in the 20-40 age group (the bacheloettes), who need to stay in Pelican Town and start families to reverse the decline. As in many rural areas, substance abuse is a problem in Pelican Town. There are a few alcoholics and I’m not gonna get on Sebastian’s case for smoking a little weed and who knows what’s in Pierre’s stash, but there’s clearly little else to do in town besides hang out at the Saloon.
Housing: If young people choose to marry and stay in Pelican Town, where will they live? The vacancy rate is 0 and most bacheloettes live with their families. New housing will need to be built to retain them, but most probably cannot afford to build a house. The town will also need to carefully choose areas for development to maintain the natural assets that draw tourists. The town seems to use a form-based code in the town center (two-story mixed-use buildings).
Solutions: The town is relying on the goodwill and prosperity of a private citizen (the farmer) to revitalize the Community Center, build houses, etc. - Mayor Lewis should rely less on one-time private investments and focus on more reliable funding sources and economic growth that will increase the tax base. The town is facing a housing crisis and should consider mixed-use development/apartments in the Community Center neighborhood to prevent sprawl. The town needs to invest in transportation and communication infrastructure to improve access to jobs and education. The vacant land near the train station is a great spot for a TOD and some denser development if the Valley could start commuter rail service, but I bet Robin & Demetrius would be NIMBYs who don’t want development near their mountain home.

TL;DR: Mayor Lewis is making you do the flower dance to stimulate the economy.
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(Offer) The Casual Vacancy, American Sniper, The Secret Life of Pets, much more (Request)ISO list, your lists.

New this week: The Casual Vacancy HD, Inception HD, The Secret Life of Pets HD, American Sniper HD, The Bourne Legacy HD, Moneyball HD, I Am Vengeance: Retaliation HD, Iron Man 2 ??, and Kung Fu Panda 2 ??.
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Streak 11: Mon travail est fini pour l’année

Bonsoir à tous,
Après aujourd’hui, je suis en vacances jusqu’au 4 janvier. Je suis content d’être en vacances parce que cette année est trop longue. Le dimanche je vais aller au casino avec mes amis et ma chienne Fifi. On doit porter des masques tout le temps. Fifi ne doit pas porter de masque parce qu’elle ne peut pas attraper le covid. Elle adore le casino. Fifi y est allée beaucoup de fois et s’amuse toujours.
À bientôt!
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Councilman Cole Video: Casino Impact on South Baltimore. (Table games, 4am liquor license, lower property taxes, vacancies)

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Does anyone know where I can find out about vacancies aboard cruise ships? I'm looking for bar/casino work.

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Palm Beach Post update on that story about Epstein, Trump, Russian money men & overpriced Florida real estate.

Cerabino: A new twist in the old saga of that Palm Beach mansion Trump made a killing off of

Frank Cerabino, Palm Beach Post Published 5:47 p.m. ET Sep. 11, 2020 | Updated 6:17 p.m. ET Sep. 12, 2020
We missed a good naming opportunity.
The folks in Palm Beach like to name their houses. A showy name is easier to remember than the address, I guess.
I say “house,” but what I mean in this particular case is a Palm Beach residence with 492 feet of oceanfront property, a 48-car garage, 18 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, a ballroom, an art gallery, two guest houses, and 36-foot-tall ceilings in some places.
When the estate at 515 N. County Road was owned by nursing-home magnate Abe Gosman he named it “Maison de l'Amitié,” which translates to “House of Friendship.”
More: Trump’s former estate: The story behind the $95-million mansion tear-down
Bankruptcy forced Gosman to liquidate, and the two potential buyers were well-known Palm Beach party chums: Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump.
Trump paid $41.3 million for the property in 2005, outbidding Epstein, who would go on to become Palm Beach’s world-renowned serial rapist of underage teenage girls.
If Epstein had been successful in buying the estate, “House of Friendship” would have been an outrageously inappropriate name.
Decency would dictate a name change to something more fitting: Something like Palacio Pedophilia, or Salon d’Sleazebaggio.
But that’s not the missed naming opportunity I’m writing about.
When Trump bought the humongous, empty estate, he didn’t hang onto it for very long.
He sold it three years later to a trust controlled by Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev, who consolidated his wealth during the chaotic post-Soviet era by getting a controlling share of Russia's biggest fertilizer company.
Rybolovlev had a fortune in Russian flight capital which he used to buy fine art, a European soccer club, an $88 million apartment in Manhattan and a $20 million home in Hawaii.
So, at the time, it seemed like Rybolovlev was just buying himself a winter home in South Florida. The Palm Beach real estate transaction came at a particularly good time for the cash-strapped Trump.
James J. Henry, an investigative economist and fellow with Columbia University's Center on Sustainable Investment, put it this way:
"The nine-lived Trump, in particular, had just suffered a string of six successive bankruptcies," Henry wrote in The American Interest. "So the massive illicit outflows from Russia and oil-rich FSU (Former Soviet Union) members like Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan from the mid-1990s provided precisely the kind of undiscriminating investors that he needed.
"These outflows arrived at just the right time to fund several of Trump’s post-2000 high-risk real estate and casino ventures – most of which failed.”
Rybolovlev paid $95 million for the estate that Trump bought three years earlier for $41.3 million. That’s quite a mark-up, and more than $30 million higher than the property’s appraised value.
It was the same year that Donald Trump Jr. told investors “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” And the year that Trump was facing another bankruptcy.
Trump Entertainment Resorts, which operated three Atlantic City casinos, had amassed $1.74 billion in debts when it failed to make a $53.1 million bond interest payment in December 2008. Two months later it sought Chapter 11 protection.
The $53.7 million markup of the Palm Beach property was strange, but maybe for billionaires like Rybolovlev, it was chump change for a piece of property he fell in love with.
Except for this: Rybolovlev never moved into his Palm Beach estate, and nobody can say for sure that he even visited the property during the time he owned it.
After eight years of vacancy, the mansion and its out-buildings were leveled and the property was subdivided into three smaller lots and sold by the company Rybolovlev controlled.
There is no more “Maison de l'Amitié.”
But there is some new context to this strange sale. It comes from Trump’s former fixer, lawyer and confidante, Michael Cohen, who had turned against his former boss after being the fall guy for Trump’s illegal $130,000 hush-money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels a month before the 2016 election.
Cohen wrote in his newly released book, “Disloyal: A Memoir”, that Rybolovlev wasn’t the real buyer of the Palm Beach estate.
“The Russians bought the house from Trump for $95 million in 2008, an inflated price paid on the eve of the real estate collapse and global financial crisis, at the time the largest price ever paid for a private residence in the United States,” Cohen wrote in Chapter 12 of his book.
“Trump told me that the price hadn’t really been an issue. He explained that the Russians weren’t really spending their own money when they made their excessive purchases of European soccer teams and super yachts and Central Park South penthouses,” Cohen wrote. “The oligarchs could enjoy the assets, but always and forever at the pleasure of Vladimir Putin, the new tsar, and displeasing him meant risking their fortunes but also their lives.”
Cohen wrote: “‘The oligarchs are just fronts for Putin,’ Trump told me. ‘He puts them into wealth to invest his money. That’s all they are doing – investing Putin’s money.’”
“Trump was convinced the real buyer of Maison de l’Amitie was Vladimir Putin,” Cohen wrote.
It’s too bad we didn’t know at the time.
We could have given the Palm Beach estate a much more suitable name, such as Maison de l’Murderer, Casa Kompromat, or Shady Acres.
[email protected]
@ FranklyFlorida
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Live video broadcasts of basketball on the Si14 betting exchange platform.

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[Lost in the Sauce] Trump admin hides Paycheck Protection program details; lawmakers benefit from loans

Welcome to Lost in the Sauce, keeping you caught up on political and legal news that often gets buried in distractions and theater… or a global health crisis.
Title refers to: The Trump admin is blocking IGs from getting info on over $1 trillion in relief spending, including corporation bailouts. The admin is also withholding PPP info from Congress, meaning we don't know if Trump or his family took taxpayer money. Additionally, we learned that at least 4 members of Congress have benefited from PPP money, but aren't required to disclose it.


Inspectors general warned Congress last week that the Trump administration is blocking scrutiny of more than $1 trillion in spending related to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the previously undisclosed letter, Department of Treasury attorneys concluded that the administration is not required to provide the watchdogs with information about the beneficiaries of programs like the $500 billion in loans for corporations.
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin refused to provide Congress with the names of recipients of the taxpayer-funded coronavirus business loans. After criticism, Mnuchin began to walk back his denial, saying he will talk to lawmakers on a bipartisan basis “to strike the appropriate balance for proper oversight” of PPP loans “and appropriate protection of small business information.”
At least 4 lawmakers have benefited in some way from the Paycheck Protection program they helped create. Politico has been told there are almost certainly more -- but there are zero disclosure rules, even for members of Congress.
  • Republicans on the list include Rep. Roger Williams of Texas, a wealthy businessman who owns auto dealerships, body shops and car washes, and Rep. Vicky Hartzler of Missouri, whose family owns multiple farms and equipment suppliers across the Midwest. The Democrats count Rep. Susie Lee of Nevada, whose husband is CEO of a regional casino developer, and Rep. Debbie Mucarsel Powell of Florida, whose husband is a senior executive at a restaurant chain that has since returned the loan.
Mick Mulvaney dumped as much as $550,000 in stocks the same day Trump assured the public the US economy was 'doing fantastically' amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Mulvaney unloaded his holdings in three different mutual funds, each of which is primarily made up of US stocks. The next day, the value of the mutual funds tanked.

Cases rising in many states

Good summary: There was supposed to be a peak. But the stark turning point, when the number of daily COVID-19 cases in the U.S. finally crested and began descending sharply, never happened. Instead, America spent much of April on a disquieting plateau, with every day bringing about 30,000 new cases and about 2,000 new deaths. This pattern exists because different states have experienced the coronavirus pandemic in very different ways…The U.S. is dealing with a patchwork pandemic.
As of Friday, coronavirus cases were significantly climbing in 16 states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Washington.
Oklahoma is experiencing a massive increase in coronavirus cases just days before Trump’s planned rally in Tulsa. In Tulsa county itself, 1 in roughly 390 people have tested positive. Yet Trump plans on cramming 20,000 people in an event with voluntary face mask policy and no social distancing. Attendees must sign a waiver that absolves the president’s campaign of any liability from virus-related illnesses.
  • On Monday, Pence lied saying that Oklahoma has “flattened the curve.” As you can see at any of the resources immediately below, this is not even close to true. Over the past 14 days, the state has seen a 124% increase in cases and reports 65% of ICU beds are in use.
  • Tulsa World Editorial Board: This is the wrong time and Tulsa is the wrong place for the Trump rally. "We don't know why he chose Tulsa, but we can’t see any way that his visit will be good for the city...Again, Tulsa will be largely alone in dealing with what happens at a time when the city’s budget resources have already been stretched thin."
  • Earlier in the day, Trump tweeted that he is a victim of double standards when it comes to perception of his decision to resume campaign rallies in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, declaring that attempts to “covid shame” his campaign “won’t work!”
Resources to track increases: There are many different sites with various methods of visualizing the spread of coronavirus. Here are some that may be particularly useful this summer… Topos COVID-19 compiler homepage and graphs of each state since re-opening. How we reopen Safely has stats on each state’s progress towards meeting benchmarks to reopen safely (hint: almost none have reached all the checkpoints). WaPo has a weekly national map of cases/deaths; the largest regional clusters are in the southeast.
On Monday, Trump twice said that “if we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any,” (video). Aside from the fact that cases exist even if we don’t test for them, we cannot explain the rising number of cases by increased testing capacity: In at least 14 states, the positive case rate is increasing faster than the increase in the average number of tests.
  • Reminder: In March Trump told Fox News that he didn't want infected patients from a cruise ship to disembark because it would increase the number of reported cases in the US. "I like the numbers being where they are," Trump said at the time. "I don't need to have the numbers double because of one ship that wasn't our fault."
Fired scientist Rebekah Jones builds coronavirus dashboard to rival Florida’s… Her site shows thousands more people with the coronavirus, and hundreds of thousands fewer who have been tested, than the site run by the Florida Health Department.

Equipment and supplies

More studies prove wearing masks limits transmission and spread of coronavirus… One study from Britain found that routine face mask use by 50% or more of the population reduced COVID-19 spread to an R of less than 1.0. The R value measures the average number of people that one infected person will pass the disease on to. An R value above 1 can lead to exponential growth. The study found that if people wear masks whenever they are in public it is twice as effective at reducing the R value than if masks are only worn after symptoms appear.
Meanwhile, Trump officials refuse to wear masks and Trump supporters copy his behavior… VP Mike Pence, leader of the coronavirus task force, published a tweet showing himself in a room full of Trump staffers, none wearing masks or practicing social distancing. Pence deleted the tweet shortly after criticism. A poll last week showed that 66% of likely-Biden-voters “always wear a mask,” while 83% of likely-Trump-voters “neverarely wear a mask.”
  • Trump’s opposition to face masks hasn’t stopped him from selling them to his supporters, though. The online Trump Store is selling $20 cotton American flag-themed face masks.
  • Yesterday, we learned that South Carolina Republican Rep. Tom Rice and family have tested positive for the coronavirus. Just two weeks ago, Rice was on the House floor and halls of the Capitol without wearing a mask.
Internal FEMA data show that the government’s supply of surgical gowns has not meaningfully increased since March… The slides show FEMA’s plan to ramp up supply into June and July hinges on the reusing of N95 masks and surgical gowns, increasing the risk of contamination. Those are supposed to be disposed of after one use.
Nursing homes with urgent needs for personal protective equipment say they’re receiving defective equipment as part of Trump administration supply initiative. Officials say FEMA is sending them gowns that look more like large tarps -- with no holes for hands -- and surgical masks that are paper-thin.
More than 1,300 Chinese medical-device companies that registered to sell PPE in the U.S. during the coronavirus pandemic used bogus registration data… These companies listed as their American representative a purported Delaware entity that uses a false address and nonworking phone number.
Florida is sitting on more than 980,000 unused doses of hydroxychloroquine, but hospitals don’t want it… Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered a million doses of the drug to show support for Trump, but very few hospitals have requested it.

Native American communities struggle

The CARES Act money for Native American tribes, meant to assist people during the pandemic, came with restrictions that are impeding efforts to limit the transmission of the virus. For instance, the funds can only be used to cover expenses that are "incurred due to the public health emergency." On the Navajo Nation, the public health emergency is inherently related to some basic infrastructure problems. 30% of Navajo don’t have running water to wash their hands, but the money can’t be used to build water lines.
Federal and state health agencies are refusing to give Native American tribes and organizations representing them access to data showing how the coronavirus is spreading around their lands, potentially widening health disparities and frustrating tribal leaders already ill-equipped to contain the pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has turned down tribal epidemiologists’ requests for data that it’s making freely available to states.
A Hospital’s Secret Coronavirus Policy Separated Native American Mothers From Their Newborns… Pregnant Native American women were singled out for COVID-19 testing based on their race and ZIP code, clinicians say. While awaiting results, some mothers were separated from their newborns, depriving them of the immediate contact doctors recommend. New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced that state officials would investigate the allegations.

Personnel & appointees

Former IG Steve Linick told Congress he was conducting five investigations into Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the State Department before he was fired. In addition to investigating Pompeo's potential misuse of taxpayer funds and reviewing his decision to expedite an $8 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia, Linick’s office was conducting an audit of Special Immigrant Visas, a review of the International Women of Courage Award, and another review "involving individuals in the Office of the Protocol."
  • Pompeo confidant emerges as enforcer in fight over watchdog’s firing: Linick testified that Undersecretary of State for Management Brian Bulatao, a decades-old friend of Pompeo’s, “tried to bully [him]” out of investigating Pompeo.
Trump has empowered John McEntee, director of the Presidential Personnel Office, to make significant staffing changes inside top federal agencies without the consent — and, in at least one case, without even the knowledge — of the agency head. Many senior officials in Trump's government are sounding alarms about the loss of expertise and institutional knowledge.
Trump’s nominee for under secretary of defense for policy, retired Army Brig. Gen. Anthony Tata, has a history of making Islamophobic and inflammatory remarks against prominent Democratic politicians, including falsely calling former President Barack Obama a Muslim.
Amid racial justice marches, GOP advances Trump court pick hostile to civil rights. Cory Wilson, up for a lifetime seat on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, has denied that restrictive voting laws lead to voter suppression and called same-sex marriage “a pander to liberal interest groups.”
Interior Secretary David Bernhardt has indefinitely extended the terms of the acting directors of the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service, sidestepping the typical Senate confirmation process for those posts and violating the Federal Vacancies Reform Act,

Courts and DOJ

The Supreme Court declined on Monday to take a closer look at qualified immunity, the legal doctrine that shields law enforcement and government officials from lawsuits over their conduct. Developed in recent decades by the high court, the qualified immunity doctrine, as applied to police, initially asks two questions: Did police use excessive force, and if they did, should they have known that their conduct was illegal because it violated a "clearly established" prior court ruling that barred such conduct? In practice, however, lower courts have most often dismissed police misconduct lawsuits on grounds that there is no prior court decision with nearly identical facts.
The Supreme Court ruled that federal anti-discrimination laws protect gay and transgender employees. Justice Neil M. Gorsuch and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. joined the court’s liberals in the 6 to 3 ruling. They said Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination “because of sex,” includes LGBTQ employees.
  • Alito, writing more than 100 pages in dissent for himself and Thomas, accused the court's majority of writing legislation, not law. Kavanaugh wrote separately: "We are judges, not members of Congress...Under the Constitution and laws of the United States, this court is the wrong body to change American law in that way."
  • Just days before the SCOTUS opinion was released, the Trump administration finalized a rule that would remove nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people when it comes to health care and health insurance. The SCOTUS ruling may make it easier to challenge the changes made by Trump.
The Supreme Court also declined to take up California’s “sanctuary” law, denying the Trump administration’s appeal. This means that the lower court opinion upholding one of California's sanctuary laws is valid, limiting cooperation between law enforcement and federal immigration authorities. Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, two of the Court's conservative members, supported taking up the case.
A federal appeals court appeared unlikely Friday to stop a judge from examining why the Justice Department sought to walk away from its prosecution of Michael Flynn. "I don't see why we don't observe regular order," said Judge Karen Henderson. "Why not hold this in abeyance and see what happens?" Judge Robert Wilkins told Flynn's lawyer that if Sullivan doesn't let the government drop the case, "then you can come back here on appeal."


Good read: Fiona Hill on being mistaken as a secretary by Trump, her efforts to make sure he was not left alone with Putin, and what the US, UK and Russia have in common. “It’s spitting in Merkel’s face,” said Vladimir Frolov, a former Russian diplomat who’s now a foreign-policy analyst. “But it’s in our interests.”
  • Russia’s Foreign Ministry welcomed Trump’s plan to withdraw more than a quarter of U.S. troops from Germany.
  • Op-Ed: Why cutting American forces in Germany will harm this alliance
According to a new book, the Secret Service had to seek more funding to cover the cost of protecting Melania Trump while she stayed in NYC to renegotiate her prenup - taxpayers paid tens of millions of dollars to allow her to get better terms. Additionally, NYPD estimated its own costs conservatively at $125,000 a day.
Georgia election 'catastrophe' in largely minority areas sparks investigation. Long lines, lack of voting machines, and shortages of primary ballots plagued voters. As of Monday night, there were still over 200,000 uncounted votes.
Fox News runs digitally altered images in coverage of Seattle’s protests, Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone
Fox News Mocked After Mistaking Monty Python Joke for Seattle Protest Infighting
In addition to holding a rally on the day after Juneteenth (originally scheduled the day of), Trump will be accepting the GOP nomination in Jacksonville on the 60th anniversary of “Ax Handle Saturday,” a KKK attack on African Americans.
Environmental news:
  • Ruling against environmentalists, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that the federal government has the authority to allow a proposed $7.5 billion natural gas pipeline to cross under the popular Appalachian Trail in rural Virginia.
  • Trump administration has issued a new rule blocking tribes from protecting their waters from projects like pipelines, dams, and coal terminals.
  • The EPA published a proposal in the Federal Register that critics described as an assault on minority communities coping with the public health legacy of structural racism. The rule would bar EPA from giving special consideration to individual communities that bear the brunt of environmental risks — frequently populations of color.
  • The Trump administration is preparing to drill off Florida’s coast, but says it will wait until after the November election to avoid any backlash from Florida state leaders.
Immigration news
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection used emergency funding meant for migrant families and children to pay for dirt bikes, canine supplies, computer equipment and other enforcement related-expenditures… The money was meant to be spent on “consumables and medical care” for migrants at the border.
  • ACLU files lawsuit against stringent border restrictions related to coronavirus that largely bar migrants from entering the United States.
  • Under Trump’s leadership, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has mismanaged its finances so badly that it has sought an emergency $1.2 billion infusion from taxpayers. When Trump took office, USCIS inherited a budget surplus. A large amount of funding is drained by its deliberate creation of more busy work for immigrants and their lawyers — as well as thousands of USCIS employees. These changes are designed to make it harder for people to apply for, receive or retain lawful immigration status.
  • Asylum-seeking migrants locked up inside an Arizona ICE detention center with one of the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases say they were forced to clean the facility and are 'begging' for protection from the virus
  • ICE plans to spend $18 million on thousands of new tasers and the training to use them
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10 things in tech you need to know today

  1. YouTube will ban claims that coronavirus vaccines kill. The company has been slow to ban COVID-19 misinformation.
  2. Twitter banned two New York Post articles about Joe Biden's son Hunter. The firm took action to limit the reach of the articles after questions arose about their veracity, and Facebook also choked the article's spread.
  3. Apple's iPhone 12 livestream was kicked off Chinese video platforms. Tencent Video, iQiyi, Bilibili, and Weibo canceled Tuesday's coverage without explanation.
  4. Facebook will ban ads that 'discourage people from getting a vaccine'. The move marks a slightly broader approach to removing anti-vaxx content.
  5. An Amazon worker says the firm reinstated disciplinary action for time spent "off task." Employees risk being reprimanded for taking time out to wash their hands during Prime Day.
  6. Wing cofounder Audrey Gelman apologized to staff for her 'inaction' on racism. Some employees say they experienced racist and anti-LGBTQIA discrimination at the firm.
  7. Zoom will enable users to charge for online events. The new OnZoom platform includes the ability to charge for tickets, as well as a directory of public event listings.
  8. Elon Musk's Boring Co. has applied to create a system of underground tunnels connecting the entire Las Vegas strip. The new routes would connect the Strip's casinos with the airport and stadium.
  9. Early-stage investors and founders missed out on this summer's venture boom. Data from PitchBook and the National Venture Capital Association, analyzed by Business Insider, showed the proportion of first-time fundraising activity compared to total venture capital raised hit a record low of 3.3% during the first three quarters.
  10. The We Company is changing its name back to WeWork. The firm has been grappling with slowed business during the pandemic, with large vacancies in its coworking spaces throughout its many markets.
Link to article
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/u/astroboy37 on Should the “minimum wage” be “minimum livable wage”?

The issue with the internship angle is that an internship by definition must detriment the employer for the benefit of the intern. You get away with not paying them at all because you're teaching them essentially and taking a business hit. I'm not in the business of running a paralegal school I'm in the business of practicing law. Further, someone truly entry level like a 16 year old can be legally an employee and still be too fundamentally unskilled to turn a profit at minimum wage. By pricing them out like that they fall into the trap of staying unskilled because I can't pay them $100 a week for 20 hours of clerical work while gradually escalating responsibilities.
I think you attribute too much benefit to the minimum wage as is. Your example of low skilled workers not being able to demand higher pay, and not moving on to other jobs, I'd ask why not? There are plenty of places right now hiring. In fact October 14 last year Pew published a report stating that 39 states had more jobs than they have applicants. There are several entire fields of work in Alaska where the average time to fill a vacancy is over a year. People aren't stuck at low pay because no one will offer them more pay. They're stuck at low pay because no one will offer them more at the exact duties they want (maybe a ditch digger just doesn't wanna do janitorial work for the school district or be an apartment handyman's assistant), or they won't offer a job in the zip code they want even if a company in rural Idaho is perfectly willing to offer them a year long contract at triple their current pay, or they can't get the schedule they find ideal (I personally have a policy that I never work weekends and have turned down higher paying jobs that wanted me to have Saturday rotations back when I worked IT while going through university), or they don't realize that the lower pay they'll get elsewhere is vastly better for them because the cost of living would decrease (for example the average pay for a fine dining server in San Francisco is more money than the average income of an American household, yet half that pay by bartending in an Indian casino in southern Oklahoma is actually a huge step up in take home pay between cost of living decreases and significantly less taxation.
As far as good faith, there's nothing good faith about capitalism, that's what courts are for. Everyone is out to maximize their end goal, usually money and that includes workers. If a company knows that they're the only one hiring in a small town and figure they can get away with $3.75 an hour then by all means let them. Nothing stops those employees from unionizing. Nothing stops them from all just walking off the job one day. Without any doubt that company will have high turnover as any employee making that little is blasting resumes every day and night and in this vast country someone is sure as hell going to beat $4. In fact even today nothing stops an individual employee from going to. Their boss and saying "You know I've been here a year now and I've learned these additional skills from when I got hired and my rent has increased $75 a month because of the property tax hike so I'm actually making less money today than a year ago due to me staying in this area and working for you. I'm going to need atleast another $2 an hour to make this work for me". With or without a minimum wage, high turnover is the death of a company as I illustrated above how expensive an endeavor it is to get train people into being quality.
from astroboy37 on Should the “minimum wage” be “minimum livable wage”?
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Cassino Hex

Casino Hex is your Brazilian guide in the world of online gambling. For the last five years we have been keeping an arm on the pulse of the industry, finding the best online casinos, casino games and providing reviews on them with all the useful information we could find. We make it our goal that our readers receive the best gaming experience and receive the most bonuses they possibly can. Our team is constantly on the lookout for new bargains, new games and new experiences for our readers. Casino Hex features games like free slots, roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, video poker and many others to suit the tastes of our wide audience. Check out our vacancies if you want to become a part of our team. We are always happy to welcome people who are enthusiastic about gambling!
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Calls on MGM - Las Vegas is OPEN

4th of July weekend is going to be a good measure for how well business is going to do in Q3 and Q4.
Google trends shows that searches for "las vegas hotel" are basically back to normal. Searches for "cheap flights" are still super low. People who can't travel by air will travel by car. Tesla supercharger usage also shows more people on the road. Stocks will do well when casinos report lower than expected vacancies for the weekend.

MGM Jul17C
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Lost in the Sauce: March 22 - 28

Welcome to Lost in the Sauce, keeping you caught up on political and legal news that often gets buried in distractions and theater… or a global health crisis.
Figuring out how to divide the COVID-19 content from the “regular” news has been difficult because the pandemic is influencing all aspects of life. Some of the stories below involve the virus, but I chose to include them when it fits into one of the pre-established categories (like congress or immigration). The coronavirus-central post will be made again this Thursday-Friday; the sign up form now has an option to choose to receive an email when the coronavirus-focused roundup is posted.
  1. How to support: If you enjoy my work, please consider becoming a patron. I do this to keep track and will never hide behind a paywall, but these projects take a lot of time and effort to create. Even a couple of dollars a month helps. Since someone asked a few weeks ago (thank you!), here's a PayPal option and Venmo.
  2. How to get notifications: If you’d like to be added to my newsletter, use this SIGNUP FORM and you’ll get these recaps in your inbox!
Let’s dig in!


Congress passes stimulus

Last week started out with a Republican-crafted stimulus bill that was twice-blocked by Senate Democrats, who objected to the lax conditions of aid to corporations, too little funding for hospitals, and a $500 billion “slush fund” for big companies to be doled out by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin with no oversight.
Conservative-Democrat Joe Manchin (WV) even criticized the GOP bill:
“It fails our first responders, nurses, private physicians and all healthcare professionals. ... It fails our workers. It fails our small businesses… Instead, it is focused on providing billions of dollars to Wall Street and misses the mark on helping the West Virginians that have lost their jobs through no fault of their own.”
Through negotiations, Democrats shifted the bill in a more-worker friendly direction. The version that passed includes the following Democrat-added provisions: expanded unemployment benefits, $100 billion for hospitals, $150 billion for state and local governments, direct payments to Americans without a phase-in (ensuring low-income workers get the full amount), a ban on Trump and his children from receiving aid, and oversight on the “slush fund” (see next section for more info). Senate Democrats also managed to remove a provision that would have excluded nonprofits that receive Medicaid funding from the small-business grants.
Echoing sentiments expressed during debate on the previous coronavirus bill (the second, for those keeping track), Republican senators derided the $600 a week increase in unemployment payments as “incentivizing” workers to quit their jobs. Sens. Ben Sasse (Neb.), Rick Scott (Fla.), Tim Scott (S.C.) and Lindsey Graham (S.C.) delayed passage of the bill in order to force a vote on an amendment removing the extra unemployment funding. "This bill pays you more not to work than if you were working," Graham said. Fortunately for American workers, the amendment failed and the improved bill passed the Senate and the House.

The giveaways in the bill

While Senate Democrats were able to add worker-friendly provisions, the bill still required bipartisan support to pass the chamber and some corporate giveaways remained in the final version.

Trump’s signing statement

While signing the latest coronavirus relief bill, the president also issued a signing statement undercutting the congressional oversight provision creating an inspector general to track how the administration distributes the $500 billion “slush fund” money.
The newly-created inspector general is legally required to audit loans and investments made through the fund and report to Congress his/her findings, including any refusal by the executive office to cooperate. In his signing statement, Trump wrote that his understanding of constitutional powers allows him to gag the special IG:
"I do not understand, and my Administration will not treat, this provision as permitting the [inspector general] to issue reports to the Congress without the presidential supervision required" by Article II of the Constitution.
The signing statement further suggests that Trump does not have to comply with a provision requiring that agencies consult with Congress before it spends or reallocates certain funds: "These provisions are impermissible forms of congressional aggrandizement with respect to the execution of the laws," the statement reads.
While some have said that Congress fell short in this instance, one Democratic Senate aide told Politico that Congress built in multiple layers of oversight, including “a review of other inspectors general and a congressional review committee charged with overseeing Treasury and the Federal Reserve's efforts to implement the law.”
Legal experts have pointed out that a signing statement is “without legal effect.” But that ignores the fact that oversight is not equal to enforcement. The problem, in my opinion, isn’t that Congress won’t be notified of any abuses of power by Trump. The problem is that congressional Republicans and the judiciary have largely failed to hold him accountable and enforce our laws even after learning of his abuses.

Concerns about the IG

Another potential weakness in the oversight structure is the inspector general position itself. The special inspector general for pandemic recovery, known by the acronym S.I.G.P.R., is nominated by the president and confirmed by the Republican-controlled Senate. As we’ve seen from Trump’s previous nominees, particularly judicial, many unqualified individuals have been confirmed. The Democrats will not have the power to stop the president and Mitch McConnell from jamming through a loyalist to fill the SIGPR role.
Former inspector general at the Justice Department Michael Bromwich: “The signing statement threatens to undermine the authority and independence of this new IG. The Senate should extract a commitment from the nominee that Congress will be promptly notified of any Presidential/Administration interference or obstruction.”
You may recall that Trump has already proven that he’s willing to interfere with the legally-mandated work of an inspector general. When the Ukraine whistleblower filed a complaint last year, the IG of the Intelligence Community, Michael Atkinson, investigated and determined the complaint to be “urgent” and “credible.” Atkinson wrote a report and gave it to Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire to hand over to Congress. However, the White House and DOJ interfered and instructed Maguire not to transmit the report to the Senate and House Intelligence Committees. Chairman Adam Schiff had to subpoena Maguire to turn over the report and testify before his committee.
Further, there are already five IG vacancies in agencies that have a critical role in responding to the pandemic. The Treasury itself has not had a permanent, Senate-confirmed IG for over eight months now, and Trump hasn’t nominated a replacement. The Treasury Dept. has taken a lead role in the coronavirus response, with Secretary Mnuchin handling most of the negotiating with Congress on Trump’s behalf. The fact that the lead agency doesn’t have IG oversight should be troublesome in itself; replicating the situation with a special IG doesn’t seem to be a promising solution.
UPDATE: The nation's inspectors general have appointed Glenn Fine, the Pentagon's acting IG, to lead the committee of IGs overseeing the coronavirus relief effort.
This is one of several oversight mechanisms built into the new law. They include:
A committee of IGs (now led by Fine), a new special IG (to be nominated by Trump), a congressional review panel (to be appointed by House/Senate leaders)

Direct payments

Included in the stimulus bill is a $1200 one-time direct payment for all Americans who made less than $75,000 in 2019 (less than $150,000 if couples filed jointly). More details can be found here. I have read that the Treasury will use 2018 information for those who have not filed yet this year, but I am not 100% sure that’ll happen.
Mnuchin has said that Americans can expect to receive the money within three weeks, but many experts expect that timetable to be pushed into late April. Additionally, that only applies to Americans who included direct deposit information on their 2019 tax returns. Those who did not include their bank’s information will have to be sent a physical check in the mail… which could take anywhere from two to four months.
Other options are being discussed, including partnering the Treasury Dept. with MasterCard and Visa to deliver prepaid debit cards. Venmo and Paypal are reportedly lobbying the government to be considered as a disbursement option.
Future payments?
House Speaker Pelosi is already planning another wave of direct payments to Americans, saying that the $1,200 is not enough to mitigate the economic effects of the pandemic: “I don’t think we’ve seen the end of direct payments.” Republicans, meanwhile, are taking a ‘wait and see’ approach, using the next couple of weeks to measure the impact of the $2 trillion bill passed last week.
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy: “What concerns me is when I listen to Nancy Pelosi talk about a fourth package now, it’s because she did not get out of things that she really wanted...I’m not sure you need a fourth package...Let’s let this work ... We have now given the resources to make and solve this problem. We don’t need to be crafting another bill right now.”
For the fourth legislative package, Democrats have said they would like to see increased food stamp benefits; increased coverage for coronavirus testing, visits to the doctor and treatment; more money for state and local governments, including Washington, D.C.; expanded family and medical leave; pension fixes; and stronger workplace protections.
Trump’s signature
Normally, a civil servant signs federal checks, like the direct payments Americans are set to receive. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Trump has told people that he wants his signature to appear on the stimulus checks.


War on the poor continues

Amid the coronavirus crisis, Trump has defended his continued support of a Republican-led lawsuit to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, which would result in 20 million Americans losing health insurance if successful. The Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments in the case this fall. Contrasting with his position that the ACA is illegal, Trump is considering reopening enrollment on, allowing millions of uninsured individuals to get coverage before potentially incurring charges and fees related to COVID-19.
Joe Biden called on Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is leading the charge against the ACA, and President Trump to drop the lawsuit:
“At a time of national emergency, which is laying bare the existing vulnerabilities in our public health infrastructure, it is unconscionable that you are continuing to pursue a lawsuit designed to strip millions of Americans of their health insurance and protections under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including the ban on insurers denying coverage or raising premiums due to pre-existing conditions.”
The Trump administration is also pushing forward with its plan to kick 700,000 people off federal food stamp assistance, known as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). The USDA announced two weeks ago that the department will appeal Judge Beryl Howell’s recent decision that the USDA’s work mandate rule is “arbitrary and capricious."
Additionally: The Social Security Administration has no plans to slow down a rule change set for June that will limit disability benefits, the Department of Health and Human Services still intends to reduce automatic enrollment in health coverage, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development will continue the process to enact a rule that would make it harder for renters to sue landlords for racial discrimination.

Lawmakers’ stock transactions

The Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission are beginning to investigate stock transactions made ahead of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. CNN reports that the inquiry has already reached out to Senator Richard Burr for information. “Under insider trading laws, prosecutors would need to prove the lawmakers traded based on material non-public information they received in violation of a duty to keep it confidential,” a task that won’t be easy.
Sen. Burr is facing another consequence of his trades: Alan Jacobson, a shareholder in Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, sued Burr for allegedly using private information to instruct a mass liquidation of his assets. Among the shares he sold were an up to $150,000 stake in Wyndham, whose stock suffered a market-value cut of more than two-thirds since mid-February.

Environmental rollbacks

Using the pandemic as cover, the Trump administration has begun to more aggressively roll back regulations meant to protect the environment. These are examples of what Naomi Klein dubbed “the shock doctrine”: the phenomenon wherein polluters and their government allies push through unpopular policy changes under the smokescreen of a public emergency.
On Thursday, the EPA announced (non-paywalled) an expansive relaxation of environmental laws and fines, exempting companies from consequences for pollution. Under the new rules, there are basically no rules. Companies are asked to “act responsibly” but are not required to report when their facilities discharge pollution into the air or water. Just five days before abandoning any pollution oversight, the oil industry’s largest trade group implored the administration for assistance, stating that social distancing measures caused a steep drop in demand for gasoline.
  • Monday morning update: In an interview with Fox News this morning, Trump said he was going to call Putin after the interview to discuss the Saudi-Russia oil fight. A consequence of this "battle" has been plummeting prices in the U.S. making it difficult for domestic companies (like shale extraction) to turn a profit. It's striking that the day after Dr. Fauci told Americans we can expect 100,000 to 200,000 deaths from COVID-19 (if we keep social distancing measures in place), Trump's first action is to talk to Fox News and his second action is to intervene in an international tiff on behalf of the oil and gas industry.
Gina McCarthy, who led the E.P.A. under the Obama administration, called the rollback “an open license to pollute.” Cynthia Giles, who headed the EPA enforcement division during the Obama administration, said “it is so far beyond any reasonable response I am just stunned.”
The EPA is also moving forward with a widely-opposed rule to limit the types of scientific studies used when crafting new regulations or revising current ones. Hidden behind claims of increased transparency, the rule would require disclosure of all raw data used in scientific studies. This would disqualify many fields of research that rely on personal health information from individuals that must be kept confidential. For example, studies that show air pollution causes premature deaths or a certain pesticide is linked to birth defects would be rejected under the proposed rule change.
Officials and scientists are calling upon the EPA to extend the time for comment on the regulatory changes, arguing that the public is unable to express their opinion while dealing with the pandemic.
“These rollbacks need and deserve the input of our public health community, but right now, they are rightfully focused on responding to the coronavirus,” said Representative Frank Pallone of New Jersey, the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
Other controversial decisions being made:
  • A former EPA official who worked on controversial policies returned as Administrator Andrew Wheeler’s chief of staff. Mandy Gunasekara helped write regulations to ease pollution controls for coal-fired power plants and vehicle emissions in her previous role as chief of the EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation. In a recent interview, Gunasekara, who played a role in the decision to exit the Paris Climate Accord, pushed back on the more dire predictions of climate change, saying, “I don't think it is catastrophic.”
  • NYT: The plastic bag industry, battered by a wave of bans nationwide, is using the coronavirus crisis to try to block laws prohibiting single-use plastic. “We simply don’t want millions of Americans bringing germ-filled reusable bags into retail establishments putting the public and workers at risk,” an industry campaign that goes by the name Bag the Ban warned on Tuesday. (Also see The Guardian)
  • Kentucky, South Dakota, and West Virginia passed laws putting new criminal penalties on protests against fossil fuel infrastructure in just the past two weeks.
  • The Hill: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said Friday that it will extend the amount of time that winter gasoline can be sold this year as producers have been facing lower demand due to the coronavirus. It will allow companies to sell the winter-grade gasoline through May 20, whereas companies would have previously been required to stop selling it by May 1 to protect air quality. “In responding to an international health crisis, the last thing the EPA should do is take steps that will worsen air quality and undermine the public’s health,” biofuels expert David DeGennaro said.
  • NYT: At the Interior Department, employees at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have been under strict orders to complete the rule eliminating some protections for migratory birds within 30 days, according to two people with direct knowledge of the orders. The 45-day comment period on that rule ended on March 19.
  • WaPo: The Interior Department has received over 230 nominations for oil and gas leases covering more than 150,000 acres across southern Utah, a push that would bring drilling as close as a half-mile from some of the nation’s most famous protected sites, including Arches and Canyonlands National Parks… if all the fossil fuels buried in those sites was extracted and burned, it would translate into between 1 billion and 5.95 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide being released into the air. That upward measure is equal to half the annual carbon output of China

Court updates

Press freedom case
Southern District of New York District Judge Lorna Schofield ruled that a literary advocacy group’s lawsuit against Trump for allegedly violating the First Amendment can move forward. The group, PEN America, is pursuing claims that Trump “has used government power to retaliate against media coverage and reporters he dislikes.”
Schofield determined that PEN’s allegation that Trump made threats to chill free speech was valid, providing as an example the White House’s revocation of CNN correspondent Jim Acosta’s press press corps credentials:
”The threats are lent credence by the fact that Defendant has acted on them before, by revoking Mr. Acosta’s credentials and barring reporters from particular press conferences. The Press Secretary indeed e-mailed the entire press corps to inform them of new rules of conduct and to warn of further consequences, citing the incident involving Mr. Acosta… These facts plausibly allege that a motivation for defendant’s actions is controlling and punishing speech he dislikes.”
Twitter case
The president suffered another First Amendment defeat last week when the full 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals declined to review a previous ruling that prevents Trump from blocking users on the Twitter account he uses to communicate with the public. Judge Barrington D. Parker, a Nixon-appointee, wrote: “Excluding people from an otherwise public forum such as this by blocking those who express views critical of a public official is, we concluded, unconstitutional.”
Trump-appointees Michael Parker and Richard Sullivan authored a dissent, arguing the free speech “does not include a right to post on other people’s personal social media accounts, even if those other people happen to be public officials.” Park warned that the ruling will allow the social media pages of public officials to be “overrun with harassment, trolling, and hate speech, which officials will be powerless to filter.”
Florida’s felon voting
U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle ripped into Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s administration for failing to come up with a process to determine which felons are genuinely unable to pay court-ordered fees and fines, which are otherwise required to be paid before having their voting rights restored.
“If the state is not going to fix it, I will,” Hinkle warned. He had given the state five months to come up with an administrative process for felons to prove they’re unable to pay financial obligations, but Florida officials did not do so. The case is set to be heard on April 28 (notwithstanding any coronavirus-related delays).

ICE, Jails, and COVID-19

One of the most overlooked populations with an increased risk of death from coronavirus are those in detention facilities, which keep people in close quarters with little sanitation or protective measures (including for staff).
Last week, U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee ordered the federal government to “make continuous efforts” to release migrant children from detention centers across the country. Numerous advocacy groups asked for the release after reports that four children being held in New York had tested positive for the virus:
“The threat of irreparable injury to their health and safety is palpable,” the plaintiffs’ lawyers said in their petition… both of the agencies operating migrant children detention facilities must by April 6 provide an accounting of their efforts to release those in custody… “Her order will undoubtedly speed up releases,” said Peter Schey, co-counsel for the plaintiffs in the court case.
On Tuesday, 13 immigrants held at ICE facilities in California filed a lawsuit demanding to be released because their health conditions make them particularly vulnerable to dying if infected by the coronavirus. An ACLU statement says the detainees are “confined in crowded and unsanitary conditions where social distancing is not possible.” The 13 individuals are all over the age of 50 and/or suffering from serious underlying medical issues like high blood pressure.
“From all the evidence we have seen, ICE is failing to fulfill its constitutional obligation to protect the health and safety of individuals in its custody. ICE should exercise its existing discretion to release people with serious medical conditions from detention for humanitarian reasons,” said William Freeman, senior counsel at the ACLU of Northern California.
Meanwhile, ICE is under fire for continuing to shuttle detainees across the country, with one even being forced to take nine different flights bouncing from Louisiana to Texas to New Jersey less than two weeks ago. That man is Dr. Sirous Asgari, a materials science and engineering professor from Iran, who was acquitted last year on federal charges of stealing trade secrets. The government lost its case against him, yet ICE has had him in indefinite detention since November.
Asgari, 59, told the Guardian that his Ice holding facility in Alexandria, Louisiana, had no basic cleaning practices in place and continued to bring in new detainees from across the country with no strategy to minimize the threat of Covid-19...Detainees have no hand sanitizer, and the facility is not regularly cleaning bathrooms or sleeping areas…Detainees lack access to masks… Detainees struggle to stay clean, and the facility has an awful stench.
State jails are making a better effort to release detained individuals, as both New York and New Jersey ordered a thousand people in each state be let out of jail. The order applied only to low-level offenders sentenced to less than a year in jail and those held on technical probation violations. In Los Angeles County, officials released over 1,700 people from its jails.
A judge in Alabama took similar steps last week, ordering roughly 500 people jailed for minor offenses to be released to lessen crowding in facilities. Unlike in New York and New Jersey, however, local officials reacted in an uproar, led in part by the state executive committee for the Alabama Republican Party and Assistant District Attorney C.J. Robinson. Using angry Facebook messages as the barometer of the community’s feelings, Robinson worked “frantically” to block inmates from being released.
  • Reuters: As of Saturday, at least 132 inmates and 104 staff at jails across New York City had tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus… Since March 22, jails have reported 226 inmates and 131 staff with confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to a Reuters survey of cities and counties that run America’s 20 largest jails. The numbers are almost certainly an undercount given the fast spread of the virus.

Tribe opposed by Trump loses land

On Wednesday, The Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs announced the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe’s reservation would be "disestablished" and its land trust status removed. Tribal Chairman Cedric Cromwell called the move "cruel" and "unnecessary,” particularly coming in the midst of a pandemic crisis. Rep. Bill Keating (D-Mass.), who last year introduced legislation to protect the tribe's reservation as trust land in Massachusetts, said the order “is one of the most cruel and nonsensical acts I have seen since coming to Congress.”
The administration’s decision is especially suspicious as just last year Trump attacked the tribe’s plan to build a casino on its land, tweeting that allowing the construction would be “unfair” and treat Native Americans unequally. As a former casino owner, Trump has spent decades attacking Native American casinos as unfair competition. At a 1993 congressional hearing Trump said that tribal owners “don’t look like Indians to me” and claimed: “I might have more Indian blood than a lot of the so-called Indians that are trying to open up the reservations” to gambling.
More than his past history, however, Trump has current interests at play in the Mashpee Wampanoag’s planned casino: it would have competed for business with nearby Rhode Island casinos owned by Twin River Worldwide Holdings, whose president, George Papanier, was a finance executive at the Trump Plaza casino hotel in Atlantic City.
In the Mashpee case, Twin River, the operator of the two Rhode Island casinos, has hired Matthew Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union and a vocal Trump supporter, to lobby for it on the land issue. Schlapp’s wife, Mercedes, is director of strategic communications at the White House.
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ALPHA Wrestling presents... ASCENDANCE 2020

ALPHA Wrestling presents... ASCENDANCE 2020
Join ALPHA Wrestling on May 24th, 2020 as we host our second annual ASCENDANCE pay-per-view event, the final PPV stop on the way to the biggest show of the year, GODS AMONG US II on June 28th. The event will host nine main card matches as well as two pre-show matches with long-term ramifications for the winners. The card is as follows:
ALPHA World Heavyweight Championship: JON JRYGIN © v. TYLER MORGAN v. MARCUS
2020 Gauntlet of Glory Finals: KAI STEVENS v. HARRY STERLING
ALPHA Zenith Championship: JIMMY VENOM © v. KYLE BOE
ALPHA World Tag Team Championship: NO VACANCY © v. B.T.U.
Chase for the Case Qualifier: GRAHAM BAKER v. ARATA ASAKURA
Chase for the Case Qualifier: CASINO v. AARON TAYLOR

Women's Termination Chamber Qualifier: NIKO NISHIJIMA v. SAMANTHA TAYLOR (w/ PATRICK STRÖM)

We hope to have you join us this Sunday and onward!
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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Nov. 6, 2000

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-3-2000 1-10-2000 1-17-2000 1-24-2000
1-31-2000 2-7-2000 2-14-2000 2-21-2000
2-28-2000 3-6-2000 3-13-2000 3-20-2000
3-27-2000 4-3-2000 4-10-2000 4-17-2000
4-24-2000 5-1-2000 5-8-2000 5-15-2000
5-22-2000 5-29-2000 6-5-2000 6-12-2000
6-19-2000 6-26-2000 7-3-2000 7-10-2000
7-17-2000 7-24-2000 7-31-2000 8-7-2000
8-14-2000 8-21-2000 8-28-2000 9-4-2000
9-11-2000 9-18-2000 9-25-2000 10-01-2000
10-09-2000 10-15-2000 10-23-2000 10-30-2000
  • Bret Hart officially announced his retirement this week due to concussions he suffered starting back at Starrcade from a Goldberg kick. Doctors actually speculated that Hart may have had a concussion going into the match, but the kick magnified the damage. Following the Goldberg match, Hart continued to wrestle for a couple of weeks and got rocked again several times, particularly in a hardcore match with Terry Funk. Doctors said he's suffered about 10% brain damage, some of which may be permanent. Despite the injury, there was always the possibility that he could have remained an on-screen character in some role. But Hart was fired by WCW last week, which basically left him with no real options, since he has no intention of ever working for WWF again and said he doesn't want to end his career by working his way down the minor league food chain like so many other wrestlers do. Dave says Hart will be remembered for many things, and while his career had no shortage of memorable moments, the name Bret Hart will always be mostly associated with what happened in Montreal 3 years ago and with the death of his brother Owen. The first was the most historically influential match in modern times and Owen's death was the biggest mainstream news story in wrestling history. The last 3 years of Bret's life have been hell, from a disappointing WCW run, injuries, and the utter destruction of the Hart family in the wake of Owen's death. Dave thinks it's sad because if this was Japan or Mexico, the wrestling culture there is different. If a star on the level of Bret Hart retired there, they would have elaborate retirement ceremonies and make a huge deal of it. But here in America, he was double-crossed out of the WWF to avoid giving him a fond farewell, and then he was unceremoniously fired from WCW rather than having a chance to officially retire in the ring or give a speech for his fans. Then again, with the state of WCW, nobody would have believed a Bret Hart retirement speech anyway, since everyone would just suspect an angle. But it sucks that he's having to hang up the boots while unemployed and with no outlet to be given the send-off he deserves.
  • Dave recaps Bret's career, starting as a teenager in the Amarillo territory with Dory Funk, his time in Japan, and then starting in Stampede and working his way up the ladder there (he started as an opening match jobber). Forming the Hart Foundation with Neidhart, their years together in WWF, his singles run, becoming IC and WWF champion when business was down and Vince needed someone who wasn't exploding with steroids to be the face of the company. As WWF champion, business was weak in the U.S. but Hart was a huge draw when WWF toured internationally (which they did a lot more back then because U.S. business was so bad). And then of course, Shawn Michaels, the Screwjob, and off to WCW where he was the hottest star in the business upon arrival. But from there, he was the victim of injuries and horrible booking and Hart in WCW never clicked. Dave goes on and on about the countless times WCW dropped the ball with how they booked Bret. Anyway, Hart has ruled out ever wrestling again, for fear of more brain damage and not wanting to live the rest of his life as a drooling vegetable. He also shot down the idea of ever being a manager because he's unhappy with the direction of the business and says he's leaving the industry entirely, not just the in-ring part. He plans to spend the next year working on a book about his life and doing some acting. Luckily, he should be well off financially. He earned north of 7 figures during his last four years in the business and has a Lloyds of London disability policy that will pay him the equivalent of 6 months salary, which will be another million or so.
  • Bret Hart announced his retirement in his Calgary Sun column and since you can't just easily find this online anymore, here's what Bret wrote:
There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That'll be the beginning." -- Louis La'Amour.
I'm really sorry to have to say that my professional wrestling career is over--forever. Although I've expected it to end for some time now, I could in no way ever prepare for it.
I suppose it doesn't do much good to speak negatively about how this or that has gone for me. I feel it is more fitting right now to remember the more positive aspects of my long and great career. I have not one regret. I'm proud of all my achievements, especially my seven World Heavyweight Championships.
I will miss the cities, the countries, especially the people--all colours, all religions, all ages, all languages. I've always tried my absolute best in every match, in every city, big or small, in countries all around the world.
I cannot begin to explain how proud I am to have touched so many people with the ability to wrestle. My heart is filled with memories. Like when I was mobbed at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem by Palestinian children, tears in their eyes, kissing my hands. In Belfast, Ireland, being cheered on by both Catholic and Protestant fans, the emotions that poured out as I walked around the ring high-fiving our victory together. The time I was in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, where they waved Canadian flags and chanted O Canada! I could go on endlessly, but maybe it's easier to say I was privileged to be the only world champion who really travelled the world.
I hope that my fans who have kept the faith, believing in me, may in some small way take some lesson from me that will help them in their lifetime. I will never forget how touched I was in Rochester, N.Y. in one of my last matches, when a bunch of die-hard fans held up a sign that read: Parking $10, Program $5, Ticket $35, watching Bret Hitman Hart wrestle--priceless."
I'm forever grateful for the doors that opened bringing me to America. Thank you for having me, for giving me so much. I thank all my fans everywhere. I owe you all for everything I am.
As for the wrestlers, it would mean a lot to me to always be remembered as "one of the boys." I've made great friendships that will last my lifetime and look forward to an easier life filled with reminiscing.
To all of you who worked with me, carried me, and trusted me, those who allowed my success to continue while theirs did not, all from a deep sense of tradition and honour. I tried to always work hard to be champion in your eyes first. My greatest accomplishment is knowing that I never seriously harmed one wrestler. It may not seem important, but I want it remembered that in all the years I never, ever refused to lose to another wrestler--except once--and that was that fateful day in Montreal, where it's clear that I stood up for "the boys."
I could begin to list all the great wrestlers I either watched or worked with, but it would take forever. I will simply say that I'd give anything to climb into the ring with so many of you just one more time. To most people, wrestling is stupid, it's fake, it doesn't mean anything. When I think about it, I'm reminded of a quote by George Braque: "Art is a sound turned to light."
I drift back to a time when I was 23 years old, wrestling for my father, in Regina, making $150 a night. It looked like it was going to be a near full crowd on hand to see me take on my arch rival, The Dynamite Kid, in a ladder match. The title and a bag supposedly containing $5,000 dangled from a string above the ring. Whoever could climb the ladder and grab it first would be the winner.
We were both so young when I look back on it now, so intense, when the bell rang, we tore into each other, ferociously, eventually spilling out onto the floor. I went to slam Dynamite's head into a steel chair. He, of course, had his hands up for protection, but I had no idea he would hit it so hard. His head bounced back, I tried to turn, but our heads smashed. I split the back of his head open and shattered my face, one of those rare accidents.
I could tell it was bad. I could poke my finger through a gaping hole in the middle of my nose. The blood poured. We fought on. I remember Dynamite jumping up high, gripping that heavy steel ladder coming down straight down on my head. I didn't move. The crowd gasped. I dreamed a smile--because he never even touched me. He really was the best. Finally, I had him right where I wanted him, but the referee was down. That's when J.R. Foley crept up on the apron and whacked me across the back with his heavy walking stick. Down I went. The crowd was furious--so unfair. Dynamite began to climb to the top, his fingers reaching. Suddenly, I jumped up, throwing a perfect desperation drop kick, just like he asked me. "...just barely touch the ladder with your toes. I'll control how I go over."
Sure enough, the ladder wobbled and tipped, he grimaced, over they both went, with amazing timing. Dynamite leapt off, straddling the top rope, bouncing up and out right on top of J.R. Foley. But the ladder hit the top rope with such force, bouncing all the way back, heading right toward me. I was lucky I saw it. I rolled and rolled as fast as I could. It crashed with a thud, missing my head by only inches. I sat up, checking to see if Dynamite was hurt. He appeared to be all right, but still both of us knew we'd be going for some stitches.
He was riding with me, so he had to duck down when we drove past the fans on the way to the Pasqua Hospital. From there, we drove back home, all night, so that we could wrestle the following night, too tired to say a word to each other.
But if I can stop right somehow try and explain just what it is that I will miss the most about wrestling, I loved it all so much. I stood that big steel ladder up, one step up, climbing higher and higher, the crowd soaring with me, louder and louder, the blood dripping off my nose...reaching...I pulled that belt down and there it was--it happened. The crowd exploded.
We blew the roof loud I could not hear a single sound except the beating of my own heart. If you're lucky enough to find a way of life you live, you also have to find the courage to finally say goodbye.
I'll put my guns in the ground. I can't shoot them any more.
  • The WWF/Owen Hart lawsuit was verbally settled out of court, pending a court approval scheduled later this week. Various sources have pegged the settlement at $18 million. It's believed Stu and Helen Hart will receive somewhere between $2-3 million, with the rest going to Martha Hart and her two young children. Martha told the Calgary Sun that the whole ordeal has been a nightmare and she can't say much more for legal reasons but that she's satisfied with the settlement. It's believed that WWF may file suit against the company that manufactured the rigging equipment, but Vince McMahon would only say that they are exploring their options on that. Martha Hart had previously vowed she would never settle before the case went to court, but those close to her say she was tired of the stress and was particularly upset that the case had torn the Hart family apart. Stu and Helen in particular were eager to settle and get it over with. The first round of settlement talks went poorly, with McMahon reportedly offering $17 million and refusing to budge, while Martha's initial asking price was said to be $32 million. It ended with Martha "cutting a promo" on Vince (oh Dave...) and talks broke off. The case was made more complicated by different Hart members' inability to stop talking to the media against lawyers' advice. At one point, Ellie Neidhart (Nattie's mom), who has sided against her parents and with WWF in the case, took a document from Stu Hart regarding all of the Hart children getting money out of the case and passed it on to WWF's lawyers, which engulfed the Hart lawyers in a storm of controversy and nearly blew up their whole case. The original Feb. 2001 court date was postponed indefinitely following that and with no new court date in sight so it was likely to continue dragging on for months and maybe even years. So ultimately, Martha decided to settle (yeah I think to this day, Martha blames Ellie for almost destroying the case and that's why she was forced to settle). As of press time, Bret Hart hasn't yet commented on the settlement, but he knew it was coming. He was on the Observer Live online show the day before it was finalized and said he understood Martha's position and would support whatever decision she made.
  • The downward spiral of Davey Boy Smith hit a new low this week when he was arrested on 2 separate occasions for allegedly threatening the life of his estranged wife, Diana Hart-Smith. Dave talks about Smith's worsening drug problems in recent years along with all his health issues in between and how he's been in and out of the hospital constantly in the last two years. He also had a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago, multiple rehab stints, etc. Anyway, Smith was arrested on Oct. 25th and again on Oct. 26th. The first time, it was on 2 counts of threatening to kill his wife and her sister Ellie (again...Nattie's mom). After being released the next day, he allegedly threatened his wife again and was arrested again. She thought he was still in custody and went back to the house and was surprised to find him there and that led to the second arrest. Police have been to their house several times in the last few months for domestic disputes. There was also an incident a while back with Smith getting into a fight with Diana's new boyfriend, a Stampede wrestler who wrestles under the name Dick Butkus Jr. during which 85-year-old Stu Hart had to get involved and help break it up. Anyway, Smith spent this past weekend behind bars in Calgary, spending his time signing autographs for other inmates, but was released on the 30th on bail. But he faces 5 charges related to all his threats. Part of the conditions for his release were paying a $10,000 fine and he's not allowed to have any contact with Diana, Ellie, Bruce Hart, or Diana's new boyfriend. (Dave later mentions that Davey Boy is shacking up with Bruce's estranged wife Andrea now. Man, this fuckin' family, I tell ya...) He's also not allowed to drink or take any non-prescribed drugs and is ordered to stay away from where his wife is staying, along with staying away from Bruce Hart's home and Stu Hart's home. He was also ordered to enter rehab, even though he denied in court that he still has a drug problem.
  • Davey Boy is still under WWF contract, though he hasn't wrestled a match in months. But the WWF has suspended him pending the company's own investigation of the charges. In the past, he blamed his drug issues and back problems from taking a bump on Ultimate Warrior's trap door in the ring when he was in WCW. Dave recaps the series of events that led to him getting rehired by WWF and talks about how they hired Jim Neidhart back as well and it was no secret that Smith, Diana, and Neidhart's wife Ellie were all planning to testify against the family in the Owen Hart case if it had gone to trial. So it wasn't exactly a coincidence that both Smith and Neidhart got jobs that neither of them really had any business getting (Neidhart was hired as a trainer, which everyone knew he wasn't qualified for and Smith was brought back as a wrestler despite a crippling back injury and more crippling drug problem). Neidhart was quietly released a few weeks ago and with the Owen Hart lawsuit finally settled, it probably doesn't look good for Smith (indeed, he never stepped foot in the WWF again).
  • WCW Halloween Havoc is in the books and was possibly the worst wrestling PPV of the year. At this point, you'd think everyone in WCW would be putting their best foot forward to impress potential buyers, especially if that buyer ends up being the WWF and Vince becomes their new boss. But it was almost all bad matches and abysmal booking. The only bright side is that it was in Vegas and a lot of the tickets were sold to casinos for giveaways, so the show ended up being one of the biggest live gates WCW has had in awhile, even if the crowd wasn't exactly all wrestling fans. Russo is now out of the picture (claiming post-concussion syndrome and stress), but the show was booked by guys like Ed Ferrara and Bill Banks, who are basically mini-Russos and are just keeping his chair warm. So it wasn't quite the same scattershot chaos as most Russo-booked shows, but it still had the same lack of understanding about what makes a good wrestling show that Russo has perfected. Everyone involved (Ferrara, Banks, Terry Taylor, Johnny Ace, etc.) were told to continue Russo's stories rather than changing direction so everything mostly stayed the same.
  • Other notes from Halloween Havoc: the opening tag title three-way match was the best and really only good match on the show., due to Mysterio, Kidman, and Alex Wright's performances. In typical WCW fashion, they had a top notch snafu showing Palumbo and Stasiak in their street clothes backstage, just seconds after being in their gear and doing a run-in on the previous match. So they put up a thing on the screen that said "taped earlier in the day" to cover for it, but then during the segment, Palumbo and Stasiak were talking about what they just did in the ring minutes earlier. David Flair looked totally lost in his first blood match with Bagwell and even though he's been a midcard star in WCW for over a year now, Dave says if he went to OVW, he'd still be the worst guy on the roster. David Flair is just not ready for the big leagues and it shows. Negative star. Mike Sanders vs. The Cat in a kickboxing match was a total clusterfuck that Cat apparently refused to do the job for since it's "his" gimmick match, so he lost by count-out instead, even though the time limit for the last round had already expired and it was just a mess. Negative half star. Mike Awesome vs. Vampiro is negative 2.5 stars. That's three matches in a row in the negatives, with 2 DUD rankings book-ending them. Dave expected Awesome/Vampiro to actually be good but it had more blown spots than any match he's seen on PPV in years. They were apparently supposed to do a table spot to end the match but they couldn't find any tables under the ring and the match fell apart and Vampiro ended up taking a top rope powerbomb that gave him a concussion and shook him up badly (didn't stop WCW from having him take another powerbomb at the Thunder taping the next day, even though he told them beforehand about the concussion, but we'll get there). And babyface world champion Booker T was booed by a good chunk of the crowd during his match with Scott Steiner.
  • The latest PRIDE event in Japan drew a sellout crowd mostly due to so many pro wrestlers being involved. It also saw Naoya Ogawa defeat Masaaki Satake in a match most people believed was worked. Ogawa is Antonio Inoki's protege and he's keeping Ogawa protected. Dave says it definitely helps Ogawa keep his name and star power in a highly publicized match, but it doesn't say a lot for PRIDE's credibility. There's also suspicion that Nobuhiko Takada's fight against Igor Vovchanchyn was somewhat worked. Takada lost, but Igor is one of the top ranked heavyweights in the world and Takada went nearly 2 full rounds with him. Most people suspect the finish wasn't worked, but that Igor was told to take it easy on him because Takada is still a big draw and they wanted him to look strong in defeat against a guy he had no chance with. There were several other wrestlers on the card as well. Inoki came out at intermission and announced he was putting together his own show at the Osaka Dome for New Year's Eve (this ends up being the Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye show, which also sees Inoki come out of retirement for his final "match" ever. More on all this in a bit).
  • Genichiro Tenryu, at age 51, defeated Toshiaki Kawada to win the tournament and be crowned AJPW's newest Triple Crown champion, filling the vacancy left over after previous champion Kobashi left for NOAH. This complicates the AJPW/NJPW angle. There's 2 Tokyo Dome shows coming up in January. The first is NJPW's Jan. 4th show and there's another one near the end of the month that's an AJPW show, but will have some NJPW involvement. But Motoko Baba wants to protect the champion because she's hoping AJPW will still survive after the NJPW angle is over. In the past, companies like UWFI and WAR were desperate to survive and started working with NJPW, only to be devoured by NJPW's booking and left to die after the angle ran its course. Mrs. Baba is hoping to avoid the same fate, so she's not going to let Tenryu work a NJPW show and lose (remember, at the last show, NJPW's champion Kensuke Sasaki lost to Kawada and they won't let that happen 2 times in a row). Now that he's not the champion, it frees Kawada up to have a rematch with Sasaki, where he will presumably return the favor and do the job, but it won't be to unify the titles anymore.
WATCH: Genichiro Tenryu vs. Toshiaki Kawada - AJPW Triple Crown Championship match
  • Let's look at some various poll results. Every issue has results for the polls they run online every day or so. Usually I skip over these because they're boring but they're kinda interesting this week. "How should WCW handle the situation with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall" got 55% of voters saying Nash should be suspended for going off script on live TV. As for the future of ECW, 30% of voters think it won't last much longer, while most everyone else thinks it will struggle but continue to survive. Whoops. And finally, Bret Hart's greatest match was 35% for the match with Owen at WM10 and 33% for the match with Austin at WM13.
  • Stan Hansen has an autobiography that was released in Japanese that is selling like crazy in Japan. Hansen is near the end of his career, but he's probably the most popular American wrestler in Japanese history and has been a top star there since the 70s. (Hansen had an English autobiography released in 2012 called The Last Outlaw. I'm not sure if it's the same book translated to English or if there's another one out there in Japanese from 12 years earlier).
  • NOAH will hold tournaments early next year to crown their first heavyweight, tag team, and junior heavyweight champions.
  • Shinya Hashimoto was pulled out of upcoming NJPW shows because they're apparently doing an angle where he is starting his own promotion, in order to do a feud with NJPW (turns out this wasn't an angle at all. Hashimoto really did get fired from NJPW around this time and started Pro Wrestling Zero-One. The real story there is murky and no one seems to know for sure exactly what led to his firing. I think he ended up doing one or two more matches for NJPW over the next year or so, but otherwise, this is the end of Hashimoto in NJPW).
  • Dave recently had a chance to read the book "Bodyslams!" by former WCW ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta and liked it. It's not better than Mick Foley's book or anything, but Dave gives it credit for accuracy. Mostly it glosses over a lot of the scandalous stuff and is more about Cappetta's personal experiences rather than giving much detail on what was happening in the business at the time. Dave thinks the book could have gone into more detail on the things going on behind the scenes in WCW during pivotal periods like when Jim Herd, Kip Frey, or Bill Watts was in charge. Overall, definitely better than The Rock's farce of a book but still lacking what made Foley's and Dynamite Kid's books so fascinating.
  • Steve Allen, the famous comedian and first ever host of the Tonight Show, died last week at age 78. This is only relevant here because most recently, Allen has been one of the lead spokespeople for the PTC and has been one of the most vocal opponents of WWF programming. Ironically enough, early in his career, Allen worked on TV as a wrestling announcer in the 1950s, though he never took it seriously, and in 1990, he appeared at Wrestlemania 6.
  • The documentary "Gaea Girls", which is about a young woman trying to get into Japanese women's wrestling, has been winning some awards and been admitted to some film festivals.
WATCH: Gaea Girls documentary
  • "Walker: Texas Ranger" this week did an episode loosely based on Owen Hart's death. It's about a wrestler, in costume, who fell from the ceiling during a show. Although in the case of this show, it was a murder ordered by a ruthless promoter trying to take over the territory of another promoter, who's a kind, older guy. The obvious parallels were a more evil version of Vince McMahon and a gentler version of Stu Hart. Dave thought the episode sucked and also got really sad by it. Dave says he hasn't watched Over The Edge again since Owen's death and seeing it fictionally re-enacted for a TV show was really depressing.
WATCH: Walker: Texas Ranger re-enacts Owen Hart's death
  • Scott Hall was arrested this week for probation violation while he was already in court for a child custody hearing. This charge stems from some 1998 case where he keyed up a limo outside a strip club in Orlando. At the time, Hall had been given probation and ordered to complete a bunch of community service by April of 2000. He never completed the community service, so....probation violation. Hall was in court with his estranged wife Dana and he filed for sole custody of their 2 children, claiming Dana is "emotionally and mentally unstable and an unfit parent" but then Hall got arrested at the courthouse and the hearing was postponed. Speaking of, Dana herself has had 2 contempt-of-court charges against her recently for refusing to let Hall have visitation with their kids when she was supposed to.
  • PPV news: CMLL in Mexico is holding a big year end show in December and are negotiating for it to air on PPV in the U.S., which would be the first Lucha Libre PPV to air here since When Worlds Collide in 1994. And remember a few months back when a promoter in Australia brought in Dennis Rodman and a bunch of other kinda big name stars and ran a show? Well it will also air on PPV in the U.S. and Canada and Mexico next month. That show was headlined by Rodman vs. Curt Hennig which ended in a double-count out because apparently Rodman refused to do the job. Word is that show was terrible, like this year's version of Heroes of Wrestling, but Australia is so starved for live wrestling that the crowd heat was still off-the-charts.
  • Juventud Guerrera worked an indie show in Puerto Rico and right now, he's trying to get hired in WWF, or at least stay out of trouble long enough to get rehired by WCW. Guerrera has reached out to WWF through friends he has there, but after what happened with him last month in Australia, WWF apparently isn't interested.
  • The latest OVW show saw Nick Dinsmore win the OVW title from Rob Conway. On the same show, Brock Lesnar wrestled a dark match against former UFC fighter Ron Waterman. Lesnar won and hey, who knows, maybe he's got a future in beating up UFC fighters.
  • Ted Dibiase and Nikita Koloff are on a church tour together where they wrestle matches against each other and then preach sermons or something.
  • The lines between wrestling and MMA got blurrier this week when Atsushi Onita went to the PRIDE offices and met with their promoter. Onita then issued a challenge to Antonio Inoki for a match, saying he wants to retire (of course) and his last match has to be with Inoki. PRIDE officials put out a statement saying they wouldn't promote one of Onita's exploding barbed wire matches, but that they would gladly promote Inoki vs. Onita under PRIDE rules in their ring. Inoki responded, telling reporters that he's retired. There's rumor that Onita will be appearing at Inoki's New Year's Eve show to set up some kind of angle.
  • Paul Heyman and Sabu have a court date scheduled for later this month over their issues. If you remember, Sabu left ECW to go try to go to WCW but his contract prevented it. Heyman then sued Sabu for breach of contract when he started working other shows (particularly for XPW). Meanwhile, Sabu has also filed some legal paperwork to try to get out of his contract, so hopefully that will all be settled soon.
  • Speaking of ECW, there doesn't seem to be anything new happening on the TV front. Negotiations with USA have apparently stalled. So....not great news. The latest episode of ECW Hardcore TV shows the signs of how things are going. The in-ring action was good but the show is beginning to look more and more low-budget by the week, as the company continues struggling to stay afloat. The announcers weren't flown in (it was dubbed in later in post-production) and the lighting was terrible.
  • Still nothing new on the sale of WCW but rumors are flying like crazy because everyone is paranoid. For the first time, in an interview, Linda McMahon acknowledged that it's true that WWF is in discussions to purchase WCW but word is no substantial progress has been made yet.
  • Notes from Nitro: it was a sad episode because the crowd was tiny and it almost felt like a bad indie show, especially because the small crowd was pretty dead. It was a disaster, with a total of 1,454 fans in the building and only 768 of them paid. Even worse, they tried to paper it but only 33% of the free tickets that were given out were used. WCW literally can't even give this shit away. Ric Flair returned as the new CEO of WCW and got almost no pop at all from the crowd, then cut a boring promo. Dave thinks it's sad that this is where things have gotten for him. The greatest of all time, cutting middling promos in front of a small crowd for a dying company. Then Jarrett came out to talk and the mic went dead. The fans chanted for Scott Hall all through the Kronik/Palumbo & Stasiak match. Kevin Nash was on commentary but after last week, he was finally ordered to stop talking about Hall. So instead of mentioning Hall himself, when the crowd started chanting, Nash kept asking, "What are they chanting?" but the other announcers wouldn't acknowledge him.
  • Thunder was taped immediately after Nitro and the only notable thing there was a Lance Storm vs. Norman Smiley match that was apparently so bad that Storm went on his website afterward and pre-emptively apologized to the fans for the match. As of press time, it hasn't aired yet so I guess we'll see (the 2000 Thunders aren't on the Network and I can't find this online, so no idea how bad it was or wasn't).
  • Backstage morale in WCW isn't great, which probably goes without saying. Word is much of the crew, wrestlers and backstage employees alike, are so drained by all the negativity and sale rumors that everyone has pretty much mentally quit. They're all just going through the motions every week now while waiting to see what's going to happen with their jobs.
  • Buff Bagwell did an interview with the Observer website a few days before the Halloween Havoc PPV and had plenty of interesting things to say. He ripped on Vince Russo for the way he booked himself along with guys like Luger and DDP and basically just how awful Russo's booking is. He also complained about WCW fining people for showing up late. He complained about not getting a big raise like everyone else got back in 1998 because he was out with a neck injury when Bischoff was giving raises and complained about being underpaid compared to all the other "A-talent" like himself. Talked about how screwed up WCW is, saying Lex Luger is being paid $1.3 million a year to do jobs for Hugh Morrus. "Are you kidding me? Hugh is a great guy and all that, but he's not A-talent. I love him to death, but he's never going to draw a dime. We're talking about drawing money and he's never going to draw a fuckin' dime. And Luger is putting him over at house shows? Nothing is adding up. I know for a fact that if they try to get me to job for (David) Flair at Havoc, I'm going to walk out the door. I'm not doing it." In response to all this, WCW put Hugh Morrus over big on Nitro while they had Bagwell job to Luger in 2 minutes on the same show. Well, at least someone in WCW gets punished for the shit they say.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For only the second time ever in writing these Rewinds, I have hit the 40,000 character limit. So once again, the rest of this Rewind will be posted in a comment below, so keep scrolling. Upvote it for visibility I guess?

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Red Dawn 2012 HD Vudu - NOT MA $5
Salmon Fishing in Yemen HD MA $7
Scooby Doo and Kiss Rock and Roll Mystery HD MA $8
Snitch HD Vudu - NOT MA $5
Strawberry Shortcake The Sweet Dreams Movie HD MA $7
Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best Friends HD MA $5
The Amazing Spiderman HD MA $5
The Artist HD MA $5
The Lucky One HD MA $5
The Vow HD MA $5
Think Like A Man HD MA $5
Thunderstruck HD HD MA $5
Where Hope Grows HD Vudu - NOT MA $5
While Were Young HD Vudu - NOT MA $5

Disney (Titles) Split Quality Redemption Price
Aladdin 2019 4K Vudu or MA $12
Aladdin 2019 HD Google Play (MA) $6
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day HD Vudu or MA $7
Antman HD Google Play (MA) $6
Avengers EndGame 4K Vudu or MA $10
Avengers EndGame HD Vudu, iTunes or MA $7
Avengers EndGame HD Google Play (MA) $6
The BFG HD Vudu, iTunes or MA $7
The BFG HD Google Play (MA) $6
Beauty and the Beast Animated HD Vudu, iTunes or MA $7
Beauty and the Beast Animated HD Google Play (MA) $6
Beauty and the Beast Live Action HD Google Play (MA) $6
Beauty and the Beast The Enchanted Christmas HD Google Play (MA) $8
Captain America First Avenger 4K Vudu or MA $10
Captain America First Avenger HD Google Play (MA) $6
Captain Marvel HD Vudu, iTunes or MA $8
Captain Marvel HD Google Play (MA) $6
Cars 1 HD Google Play (MA) $6
Cars 2 HD Google Play (MA) $6
Cars 3 HD Vudu, iTunes or MA $8
Cars 3 HD Google Play (MA) $6
Cinderella 2015 HD Google Play (MA) $6
Coco HD Vudu, iTunes or MA $8
Coco HD Google Play (MA) $6
Disney Nature Bears HD Google Play (MA) $6
Disney Nature Born in China HD Google Play (MA) $6
Disney Nature Monkey Kingdom HD Google Play (MA) $6
Dumbo 2019 HD Vudu, iTunes or MA $8
Dumbo 2019 HD Google Play $6
Finding Dory HD Google Play (MA) $5
Finding Nemo HD Google Play (MA) $6
Good Dinosaur HD Google Play (MA) $6
Iron Man 1 HD Google Play (MA) $6
Iron Man 3 HD Google Play (MA) $6
Jungle Book - 1967 - VAULTED HD Google Play (MA) $10
Jungle Book - 2016 HD Google Play (MA) $6
Lion King Live Action 4K Vudu or MA $12 - SPLIT
Lion King Live Action HD Google Play (MA) $6
The Lion King Animated HD Vudu, iTunes or MA $8
The Lion King Animated HD Google Play (MA) $6
Lion King 1 ½ HD Google Play (MA) $8
Maleficent HD Google Play (MA) $6
Million Dollar Arm HD Google Play (MA) $6
Moana HD Vudu, iTunes or MA $8
Moana HD Google Play (MA) $6
Monsters Inc HD Google Play (MA) $6
Nutcracker and the Four Realms HD Vudu, iTunes or MA $8
Nutcracker and the Four Realms HD Google Play (MA) $6
Pirate Fairy HD Google Play (MA) $6
Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales HD Vudu, iTunes or MA $6
Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales HD Google Play (MA) $5
Queen of Katwe HD Google Play (MA) $6
Ratatouille HD Google Play (MA) $7
Saving Mr Banks HD Vudu, iTunes or MA $8
Saving Mr Banks HD Google Play (MA) $7
Star Wars The Last Jedi HD Vudu, iTunes or MA $7
Star Wars The Last Jedi HD Google Play (MA) $6
Tomorrowland HD Google Play (MA) $6
Thor The Dark World 4K Vudu or MA $10
Thor The Dark World HD Google Play (MA) $6
Thor Ragnarok HD Vudu, iTunes or MA $7
Thor Ragnarok HD Google Play (MA) $6
Toy Story 1 4K Vudu or MA $10
Toy Story 1 HD Google Play (MA) $6
Toy Story 1 HD Google Play (MA) $6
Toy Story 4 4K Vudu or MA $12
Toy Story 4 HD Google Play (MA) $6
Walt Disney Animation Studios Shorts Collection HD Google Play (MA) $6
Winnie the Pooh Springtime with Roo HD Vudu or MA $8

4K UHD Titles Only Quality Redemption Price
Aladdin 2019 4K Vudu or MA $12 - SPLIT or FULL
American Assassin 4K Vudu or iTunes or Fnow $10
Avengers EndGame 4K Vudu or MA $10 - SPLIT or FULL
Captain America First Avenger 4K Vudu or MA $10 - SPLIT or FULL
Cabin in the Woods 4K iTunes - NOT MA $5
Casino 4K MA $10
Cold Pursuit 4K Vudu or iTunes $10
Daddy's Home 2 4K iTunes - NOT MA $5
Deadpool 4K iTunes MA $8
Divergent 4K iTunes - NOT MA $5
Dredd 4K iTunes - NOT MA $5
Ender's Game 4K iTunes - NOT MA $5
Fast and Furious 6 4K iTunes (MA) $5
Furious 7 (EXTENDED) 4K iTunes (MA) $5
Fate of the Furious Theatrical/Extended 4K iTunes (MA) $6
The Fate of the Furious 4K Vudu or MA $8
Godzilla King of the Monsters 4K MA $10
Goosebumps 2 4K MA $9
Hellboy 2019 HD or 4K Vudu HD or iTunes 4K $9
The Hitman's Bodyguard HD or 4K Vudu HD or iTunes 4K $8
Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 4K iTunes - NOT MA $5
Huntsman Winters War Extended 4K iTunes (MA) $5
If I Stay 4K iTunes $8
It's A Wonderful Life 4K iTunes - NOT MA $7
Jason Bourne 4k iTunes (MA) $5
John Wick 3 Parabellum 4K iTunes $7
Let's Be Cops 4K iTunes (MA) $5
Life of Pi 4K iTunes (MA) $7
Lion King Live Action 4K Vudu or MA $12 - SPLIT or FULL
Night School Extended Cut 4K MA $10
Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows 4k Itunes - NOT MA $5
Oblivion 4K iTunes MA $6
The Predator 2018 4K MA $10
Ready Player One 4K MA $10
Sicario 4K iTunes - NOT MA $5
Snitch 4K iTunes - NOT MA $5
Split 4K iTunes (MA) $5
Spiderman Homecoming 4K MA $10
Star Trek Into Darkness 4K iTunes - NOT MA $5
Terminator Genysis 4K iTunes - NOT MA $5
Thor The Dark World 4K Vudu or MA $10 - SPLIT or FULL
Toy Story 1 4K Vudu or MA $10 - SPLIT or FULL
Toy Story 4 4K Vudu or MA $12 - SPLIT or FULL
Transformers Age of Extinction 4K iTunes - NOT MA $5
Transformers The Last Knight 4K iTunes - NOT MA $5
The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 4K iTunes - NOT MA $5
Warm Bodies 4K iTunes - NOT MA $5
Wonder 4K iTunes - NOT MA $5
X-Men Apocalypse 4K iTunes MA $8

HD Movie Titles Quality Redemption Price
300 Rise of an Empire HD MA $5
42 HD MA $5
About Last Night HD MA $5
Adrift HD iTunes $5
American Reunion HD Vudu or iTunes $5
Annabelle HD MA $7
Almost Christmas HD Vudu (MA) $5
American Sniper HD MA $5
The Apparition HD MA $5
Atomic Blonde HD Vudu MA $5
Bad Mom's HD Vudu or iTunes (MA) $5
Best Man Holiday HD Vudu or iTunes (MA) $5
The Big Wedding HD Vudu or iTunes $5
The Bling Ring HD Vudu or iTunes $5
Bohemian Rhapsody HD MA $8
IMAX Born to Be Wild HD MA $5
Bottom of the 9th HD iTunes $5
The Boy Next Door HD iTunes (MA) $5
Bullet to the Head HD MA $5
Cabin in The Woods HD Vudu $5
The Campaign HD MA $5
Contraband HD iTunes MA $5
The Collection HD Vudu - NOT MA $5
Curse of Chucky HD iTunes MA $5
Dark Knight Rises HD MA $5
Dark Shadows HD MA $5
Deadpool 2 HD MA $8
Dead Again in Tombstone HD Vudu or MA $3
Death Wish HD Vudu $8
Diary of a Wimpy Kid HD Vudu or iTunes (MA) $5
The Divergent Series: Divergent HD Vudu - NOT MA $5
The Divergent Series: Insurgent HD Vudu - NOT MA $5
Dracula 1931 HD MA $3
Draft Day HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
Dredd 2012 HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
The Duff HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
Dying of the Light HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
The Emoji Movie HD MA $5
The Equalizer 2 HD MA $8
The Expendables 2 HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
The Expendables 3 Theatrical HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
The Expendables 3 Unrated HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
2 Fast 2 Furious HD Vudu MA $5
Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift HD Vudu MA $5
Fast and Furious (4) HD Vudu MA $5
Fast Five Extended HD Vudu or iTunes or MA $5
Fast and Furious 6 HD Vudu MA $5
Furious 7 (EXTENDED) HD Vudu MA $5
Fate of the Furious Theatrical or Extended HD Vudu MA $5
Focus HD Vudu MA $5
The Forger HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
Frankenstein 1931 HD MA $3
Get Hard HD MA $5
Girls Trip HD Vudu or iTunes (MA) $5
Gods Not Dead 2 HD iTunes (MA) $5
Gringo HD Amazon (NOT MA) $3
The Guilt Trip HD Vudu or iTunes (NOT MA) $5
Hangover 3 HD MA $5
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince HD MA $5
Her HD MA $8
The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies HD MA $5
The House HD Vudu $5
Hot Pursuit HD MA $5
Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 HD Vudu $5
I Feel Pretty HD iTunes $5
I, Frankenstein HD Vudu or iTunes - NOT MA $6
The Impossible HD Vudu - NOT MA $5
Insidious The Last Key HD MA $5
J. Edgar HD MA $5
Jack The Giant Slayer HD MA $5
Jason Bourne HD Vudu (MA) $5
John Wick 1 and 2 HD Vudu or FNOW $12
Johnny English Strikes Again HD MA $8
Journey 2 The Mysterious Island HD MA $5
Joyful Noise HD MA $5
The Judge HD MA $5
Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle HD MA $6
Jupiter Ascending HD MA $5
Killer Elite HD iTunes (NOT MA) $5
Lego Movie 2 HD MA $5
Life of Crime HD Vudu $5
Lea to the Rescue HD MA $3
The Lucky One HD MA $5
The Legend of Hercules (2014) HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
Lone Survivor HD Vudu MA $5
Love and Mercy HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
Maggie HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
Magic Mike HD MA $5
Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Prototcol HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
The Mule HD MA $8
New Year's Eve HD MA $5
Night School Extended Cut HD MA $8
Nine Lives HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows HD Vudu $5
Norm of the North HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
Now You See Me Theatrical HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
Non-Stop HD iTunes MA $5
Nobody's Fool HD iTunes (NOT MA) $5
Oblivion HD Vudu MA $5
The Other Side of the Door HD Vudu or iTunes $7
Ouija HD iTunes (MA) $5
Overboard - Remake HD Vudu or iTunes $6
Pacific Rim HD MA $5
Paranormal Activity 3 HD Vudu or iTunes (NOT MA) $5
Paranormal Activity 4 HD Vudu or iTunes (NOT MA) $5
Perks of Being a Wallflower HD Vudu or iTunes $5
Pillow Talk HD MA $3
The Possession HD Vudu or iTunes (NOT MA) $5
The Prince HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
The Quiet Ones HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
The Raid Redemption Unrated/Theatrical HD MA $8
Ratchet and Clank HD MA $3
Run All Night HD MA $5
Rampage HD MA $8
Riddick Unrated HD Vudu or iTunes (MA) $5
Resident Evil Retribution HD MA $5
Spiderman Homecoming HD MA $8
Safe HD Vudu or iTunes (NOT MA) $5
Scary Movie 5 Unrated HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
The Scorpion King 3 Battle for Redemption HD Vudu or iTunes (MA) $5
Sicario HD Vudu $5
Sicario 2 Day of the Soldado HD Vudu $8
Single Mom's Club HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
Sinister HD Vudu or iTunes $5
Speed Kills HD Vudu or MA $7
Star Trek Into Darkness HD Vudu $5
Step Up Revolution HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
Stolen, The (2017) HD MA $3
Terminator Genysis HD Vudu $5
Tracers HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
Transformers The Last Knight HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
Tyler Perry A Madea Family Reunion HD Vudu or iTunes $5
Tyler Perry Temptation HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
Unbroken Path to Redemption HD MA $7
Warm Bodies HD Vudu $5
Widows HD MA $8
Wild Card HD Vudu (NOT MA) $5
Winter's Tale HD MA $5
World War Z HD iTunes $5
Your Next HD Vudu $5

Sony Buff Pass *See List Below - Pick 1 Movie HD $6
# # Sony Buff Pass - REDEEMS AT MA or Vudu
Chose 1 from List of Choices
All the Money in the World, Alpha, Dark Tower, A Dog's Way Home, Emoji Movie, Equalizer 2, The Front Runner, Goosebumps 2, Holmes & Watson, Hotel Transylvania 3, The International, Miss Bala, Open Season, Passengers (2016), Peter Rabbit, The Possession of Hannah Grace, Slender Man, Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse, The Star, The Tourist, T2 Trainspotting, Vantage Point, Venom, Vertical Limit, White Boy Rick

TV Shows Quality Redemption Price
Ballers Season 2 HD Google Play $5
Boardwalk Empire Season 2 HD Google Play $5
The Deuce Season 1 HD Google Play $5
Orange is the New Black Season 1 HD Vudu $8
True Blood Season 2 HD Google Play $5
Wizard of Lies HD iTunes or Google Play $5

SD Movie Titles Quality Redemption Price
22 Jump Street SD MA $3
7 Assassins SD MA $3
A Good Man SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
A Most Wanted Man SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
A Mouse Tale SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Addicted SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Alex Cross SD Vudu or iTunes (NOT MA) $3
American Hustle SD MA $3
Arthur Christmas SD MA $3
Battle of the Year SD MA $3
Bedlam SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Brawl SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Captain Phillips SD MA $3
Cesar Chavez SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Chi-Raq SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Corey Holcomb Your Way Aint Working SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Cymbeline SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Dead Drop SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Dead Man Down SD MA $3
Deadly Code SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Dear White People SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Deliver Us From Evil SD MA $3
Disconnect SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Divergent SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Draft Day SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Elysium SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Emperor SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Empire State SD MA $3
Escape Plan SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Evil Dead 2013 SD MA $3
Fight to the Finish SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Gimme Shelter SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Gnome Alone SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Grace Unplugged SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Here Comes the Boom SD MA $3
Heaven is for Real SD MA $3
Hope Springs SD MA $3
Inferno SD MA $3
Inside Llewyn Davis SD MA $3
Insidious Chapter 2 SD MA $3
Intouchables SD MA $3
Joe SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Kevin Hart Let Me Explain SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Kingdom of Conquerors SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Laggies SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Last Stand SD Vudu or iTunes(NOT MA) $3
Legendary SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Lockout Unrated SD MA $3
Looper SD MA $3
Magic in the Moonlight SD MA $3
Men In Black 2 SD MA $3
Middle of Nowhere SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Mobius SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Mom's Night Out SD MA $3
Mr Holmes SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Mud SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
No Good Deed SD MA $3
No Vacancy SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Now You See Me SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Obvious Child SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Once Upon A Time in Vietnam SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Parker SD MA $3
Perfect Guy SD MA $3
Playing for Keeps SD MA $3
Premium Rush SD MA $3
Quiet Ones SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Redemption SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Repentance SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Resident Evil Retribution SD MA $3
Roman J Israel, ESQ. SD MA $3
Safe SD Vudu or iTunes (NOT MA) $3
Safety Not Guaranteed SD MA $3
Salmon Fishing in Yemen SD MA $3
Sanatorium SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Sheriff of Contention SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Sicario SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Sparkle SD MA $3
Spring Breakers SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Stand Up Guys SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Standoff SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Step Up All In SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Step Up Revolution SD Vudu or iTunes (NOT MA) $3
Swan Princess A Royal Family Tale SD MA $3
Tapped Out SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
The 5th Wave SD MA $3
The Angriest Man in Brooklyn SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
That Awkward Moment SD MA $3
The Bling Ring SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
The Company You Keep SD MA $3
The Divergent Series: Insurgent SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
The Expendables 3 SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
The Haunting in Connecticut 2 Ghosts of Georgia SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
The Hunger Games Catching Fire SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
The Interview SD MA $3
The Kitchen SD MA $3
The Last Exorcism Part 2 Unrated SD MA $3
The Monuments Men SD MA $3
The Mortal Instruments City of Bones SD MA $3
The Pirates Band of Misfits SD MA $3
The Prince SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
The Quiet Ones SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
The Raid 2 SD MA $3
The Rover SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
The To Do List SD MA $3
The Vow SD MA $3
The Woman in Black SD MA $3
The Words SD MA $3
Think Like A Man SD MA $3
Think Like A Man Too SD MA $3
This is the End SD MA $3
Time Travelers Wife SD MA $3
Total Recall 2012 SD MA $3
Tyler Perry A Madea Christmas SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Tyler Perry Madea's Witness Protection SD Vudu or iTunes - NOT MA $3
Tyler Perry Neighbors From Hell SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Tyler Perry Peeples SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Tyler Perry Single Moms Club SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Tyler Perry Temptation SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Tyler Perry's Madea's Tough Love SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Underworld Awakening SD MA $3
Warm Bodies SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
What If 2014 SD MA $3
What to Expect When Your Expecting SD Vudu or iTunes - NOT MA $3
Wiener Dog Internationals SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Vendetta SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
White House Down SD MA $3
Wild Card SD Vudu (NOT MA) $3
Zero Dark Thirty SD MA $3

XML Movie Titles Quality Redemption Price
Bangkok Dangerous SD XML - NOT MA $2
Jackass 3 SD XML - NOT MA $2
The Raven SD XML - NOT MA $2
The Rite SD XML - NOT MA $2
The Three Musketeers SD XML (CANADA) $2
X-3 X-Men The Last Stand SD XML (MA) $2


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